Success Stories



"Before I knew it I was 20 and I thought all the chances had passed me by and my life was over. I was so disappointed that I had done nothing especially as I had been quite clever at school. It was my sister who encouraged me to start to study again and to get help from Amantani. I was scared to go to them as I thought they would not be interested in me. Gradually through going to the Pathways Programme, I grew in confidence and got to know people. 

All my life I have felt like a small person, but now I know if I want to be I can be a big person. My dream is to study agriculture and then come back to my community to help the farmers with their animals. And I am so happy that Amantani have provided this opportunity for me."


Hector Raul

"When I look at what I am doing now, it is hard to believe I am the same person that dropped out of school during the 5th grade. I come from a family where putting food on the table was more of a priority than an education. A meeting with Amantani, who recognised my potential, was the turning point. I joined the Pathways Programme and discovered my love for learning.

Since then I have been accepted at University for my dream course of Environmental Engineering. Throughout my time at school, I always struggled but now I feel like my abilities have been discovered for the first time. I want to become an Environmental Engineer inspired by the contamination I have seen in my country - both in the jungle and closer to home, in Cusco at the large city rubbish dump.

To achieve my dreams, I know I have to work hard but I still find time to be the President of the Youth Council and an assistant in Amantani’s Youth Centre. I also love watching David Attenborough films!

Thank you to Amantani!”


Ruth Karina

“It wasn’t until I was in 5th grade at school that things began to change for me. I was able to take part in Amantani's Pathways Programme and to take control of my life for the first time. My family were also a huge support to me in those moments.

With help from Amantani, I am now studying a two year course in Beauty Therapy at an institute in Cusco. In addition to this I have completed an internship in a hotel and also a childcare centre, helping to run children’s parties.

My beloved Grandmother used to tell me I could change my life - with support from Amantani I think I can.”

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"When I left school Amantani helped me to discover an opportunity to study at an institute to be a systems analyst. I would never have thought of this on my own but am really enjoying the work.

I work in a hotel in my spare time, giving me some practical experience and living expenses. I feel much more confident about myself now, especially since I was elected as the Secretary to the Youth Council adding to my responsibilities.

Amantani have helped me to begin to achieve my ambitions and enabled me to develop a confidence and trust with adults. I am not too sure where life will take me but I feel much more positive about the choices ahead of me."



My brother and I finished school last year and I didn’t think I had any chance of making a success of my life. But then Amantani offered us both the chance to join the Plan de Vida workshops. In such a short time things have changed so much. I really enjoy all the extra help we get with learning.  My favourite subject is Maths and I think I am good at analysing problems. I have always been shy but now I have learnt to be much more social and am able to express myself. It is great being with my brother and having the support of so many new friends.

As I have grown in confidence I have discovered many things about myself and now I love reading – my favourite is Harry Potter!

Now, I think I would like to have a career working with computers.  The doors are opening and I can see all the exciting opportunities that are out there.

For me it is very simple, my life was bad and now it is great!”