New Executive Director

“As we start this new year, we wanted to let you know some very exciting news. As of the 1st January 2019, Rodrigo Bustos will be the Executive Director of Amantani, leading the organisation across Peru and the UK. Myself and Chris will remain dedicated to Amantani, but in slightly different capacities. As our UK Director, Chris will continue to lead the UK activities and I will focus on our Meet My World project on a part-time basis, as well as both of us supporting Rodrigo in his new role.

As you may know, for some time Amantani’s organisational strategy has included a key goal of being 'driven from Peru; strategically, financially and operationally.’ Whilst 80% of Amantani’s funding continues to come from sources outside of Peru, it is the people closest to the programmes that are best placed to guide the strategic direction of our work. For this reason, we have been building a local leadership structure which complements the growing number of Peru-based Board Members, as well as our fundraising activities in Peru, which represented nearly 20% of our total income last year.

Following ten years working in Ccorca, Amantani is in a very strong position to take on this exciting development. Our original team has attracted an outstanding mix of talent and experience into the organisation, and with the support of strong relationships and partnerships on the ground, we have been able to deliver some life-changing results with the young people in Ccorca. Whilst our first decade has been characterised by our commitment to the young people of the district of Ccorca, as we enter our second decade, our aim is to extend the reach of our programmes to other rural communities in the region of Cusco. 

With Rodrigo’s fresh leadership, as well as a skillset and experience that is perfectly matched to this stage in Amantani’s development, we’re eager to see what this next chapter holds. When we drew up a profile of Peru-based Executive Director, it quickly became clear that Rodrigo possesses all of the attributes we were looking for. Many of you will have witnessed Rodrigo’s extraordinary dedication, professionalism and leadership, and we’re hugely excited about what he can bring to this new role, especially with such a strong team around him. 

Rodrigo first came to Amantani in 2014, when he visited Ccorca as a pro-bono consultant. Ever since that first trip, we have been continuously impressed by Rodrigo. In his first year, Rodrigo spent his working weeks living in Ccorca and working directly with the young people in Amantani’s Boarding Houses. This has enabled him to build extraordinary relationships with the young people, their parents and team members alike. In the years that followed Rodrigo continued to attract more responsibility and in this past year – as our Director of Operations in Peru – he has made a very significant impact to the management of our programmes, taking Amantani to a whole new level. For this reason, everyone here is so enthusiastic about Amantani's next steps with Rodrigo as our leader. 

Thank you so much to everyone who have enabled Amantani to reach this exciting stage in our development. As close allies of Amantani, we hope that you will support Rodrigo as he takes on this new challenge. Rodrigo will be over in the UK in April 2019 and would love to meet as many of you as possible then.

We are also especially grateful to our Board of Trustees, who have played a significant role in enabling us to make this change. We are particularly indebted to our Chair Jonathan who has spent countless hours carefully developing plans to ensure a smooth transition.”

Fred and Chris

Fred Branson