2017 Graduation

2017 marks a real milestone for the community of Ccorca. When we first started working there in 2007 only two students graduated from the local secondary school. Now at the end of 2017, 40 young people will graduate from school! Whilst many factors have played their part, a pivotal moment was in 2012 when the local school was recognised as an official secondary school on the back of a campaign backed by Amantani and the children's parents. 

Until then the school had functioned as a Centro Piloto de Educación a la Distancia, which was a pilot project aimed at ensuring young people from rural areas had access to education at a minimal cost. The secondary school began under this system in 2000, and for the twelve years following, lessons were given through pre-recorded videos on television sets operated by untrained teaching staff. By 2007, the school had attracted more than 40 pupils who were ‘taught’ by three tutors. 

In 2012, following pressure applied through a campaign backed by Amantani, the school was recognised as an official secondary school. This new status enabled the school to attract more pupils - there is now a burgeoning pupil body of 225. It has also entitled the school to more resources including infrastructure and teaching staff - the school now benefits from 18 members of teaching staff and an extended timetable, which runs from 08.30 to 16.30.

We are incredibly proud of the 40 young graduates and in particular of the eight students who have been with us in the Boarding Houses. We wish them well as they embark on the next phase and look forward to welcoming many of them in our Transitions Project where we will support them as they transition from school into further education and employment.

The 2017 graduates from Ccorca's Secondary School.

The 2017 graduates from Ccorca's Secondary School.

Fred Branson