International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate one of the strong young women from our Transitions Project. Alicia has been a part of Amantani since June 2017, and in a short space of time has completely inspired her peers and the Amantani team. We’ll let Alicia tell you about her time with Amantani, and the changes she has made through the Transitions Project.

“When I think of my life before Amantani I am overwhelmed with shame. All the hardship and discrimination I faced comes flooding back to me. I am one of six children and my mother found it difficult to cope with us all so two of my sisters and I were sent to live with my aunt in Lima. We were there for three long years – it was very difficult for us to be happy in Lima as we were constantly bullied for being from a rural community. Life was hard for us as in addition to our school work, we had to work to earn money.

When we eventually returned to Ccorca my mother became unwell. It was frightening as it took the doctors a long time to find out what was the matter. She had to go away to recover for several months and I had to be at home helping on the farm. I had finished school by this time but I wasn’t interested in carrying on with studying.

And so before I knew it I was 20 and I thought all the chances had passed me by and my life was over. I was so disappointed that I had done nothing especially as I had been quite clever at school. It was my sister who encouraged me to start to study again and to get help from Amantani. I was scared to go to them as I thought they would not be interested in me. Gradually through going to the Pathways Programme, I grew in confidence and got to know people. They helped me start my studies again and also helped me understand the anger I had towards my father who had never supported us

All my life I have felt like a small person, but now I know if I want to be I can be a big person. My dream is to study agriculture and then come back to my community to help the farmers with their animals.

And I am so happy that Amantani have provided this opportunity for me.”

Thank you to Alquity, the Old Dart Foundation, Children of Peru Foundation, British and Foreign Schools Society and Lujenna Trust for their crucial support of the Transitions Project.

Alicia takes part in a Pathways workshop

Alicia takes part in a Pathways workshop

Fred Branson