Enabling women to foster their financial independence, whilst contributing to Amantani's sustainability.


Born out of our educational handicrafts courses, Amantani works with women from across Ccorca to create beautiful handwoven products, enabling them to foster their financial independence.


  • Status: Current
  • Date: February 2014 - present
  • Target population: 26 women, 2 men
  • Location: Ccorca, Peru


  • Contribute to Amantani's financial sustainability.

  • Enable community members to generate income.



Our Ethical Trade project began in 2014, drawing on the skills the young people and their parents had learnt through the handicrafts programme in our Boarding Houses in Ccorca. 

Why it is important:

Amantani considers as a key element of our organisational strategy, the development of sustainable sources of funds. Ethical Trade represents a diversification of our income and a step in the direction of financial self-sufficiency. At the same time, it also represents a step in the direction of financial independence for women from across Ccorca, as a response to the limited options of paid employment in the district. 

What we are doing:

We currently sell the bracelets in over 60 shops in Peru and the UK, creating a reliable source of income for the women as well as contributing to Amantani’s financial sustainability. This has proven to be hugely popular with the producers, especially given the flexible nature of the work which can be done from anywhere - this is particularly popular with young mums. Additionally, we are currently working with the artisans to develop a wider range of products that will be on offer in the second half of 2018. We now have a waiting list of many more women that would like to take part in the project. In order to include them in the project, we need to increase our sales in the UK. If you know of a shop that would be interested in selling the women’s bracelets on their behalf, please get in touch with

Roxana and her mum making bracelets.

Roxana and her mum making bracelets.


Meet the Artisans