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A decade of impact.


2018 marks Amantani’s tenth year working with young people in the Cusco region of Peru. Ten years ago, as the ribbon was cut to inaugurate Amantani’s first project in Ccorca, we could never have imagined that we would go onto to be so well championed by the young people and their parents, nor supported by followers in the UK, Peru and all over the world. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone that has made these ten years possible. We hope you’ll enjoy taking a moment to reflect on the story of Amantani so far, as well as the impact that we have been able to make.

¡Que viva Amantani!


Amantani Begins


Following twelve months' planning and development, we inaugurate our first Boarding House for 22 girls in Ccorca, marking the official start date of Amantani. In the next two years, we will go on to open two more Boarding Houses for girls and boys.


Grafham Water Marathon


In September, we host our first major event in the UK, which sees over 800 people run around Grafham Water in order to raise funds for Amantani.


Ccorca Community Donate Land for Amantani Campus


Following the success of the first Boarding Houses in temporary spaces, the community donates a piece of land to Amantani, enabling us to establish a permanent Amantani Campus.


Secondary School is Officially Recognised


On the back of a campaign led by Amantani and the parents of Ccorca, the local secondary school is given official status, enabling the school to receive more resources, teachers and to attract more students.

What do the young people think?


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Marleni is Accepted at University


Following five years with Amantani, Marleni becomes the first girl from the district of Ccorca to be accepted at University, to study Education. Over the course of the next six years, Marleni shows immense dedication towards her studies and is set to graduate in December 2018.


Meet My World is Born


In the spring of 2012, we organise our first Meet My World participatory photography exhibition, featuring photographs taken by the young people in Peru.


Our Ethical Trade Project Launches


Drawing on the skills the young people and their parents learnt through the handicrafts programme in our Boarding Houses, we develop the Ethical Trade project. By 2018, we are working with 30 artisans, selling over 10,000 bracelets in more than 85 shops in Peru and the UK.


We Start Building Support in Peru


We begin our efforts to build a network of supporters in Peru. In 2014, domestic fundraising represents 2% of our annual revenue. By 2017, this percentage will rise to 18%.

Attendance at Ccorca’s secondary school has grown by 140%.


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— Rodrigo Bustos, Director of Operations

ICT Academy


We implement a state-of-the-art ICT Suite at the Amantani Campus, giving rise to the Amantani ICT Academy, which goes on to work with over 600 children in 13 schools in Ccorca.


Meet My World 2016


We welcome over 2,000 people to Meet My World film screenings, including London, Lima, New York and Ccorca. The young filmmakers make the trip to Lima for the first time to present their films at the Museo de Arte de Lima.


TEDx Talks


In January, our Co-Founder Fred is invited to share the story of Amantani and Meet My World on the red rug of TEDxOxford. The talk will be viewed by over 40,000 people online and Fred will go on to do a spanish-language version at TEDxTukuy in Lima.


Transitions Project Begins


Following twelve months planning and a successful pilot project in 2016, we launch our Transitions Project. By 2018, this project will have enabled 32 young people to access further education.

Thanks to our generous supporters and significant partnerships, we have built a strong fundraising track record.


Annual Income 2008-2018 (£k)
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— Jonathan Palfreyman, Chair to the Trustees