Roxana & Heidy's Work Experience

"On Thursday 5th May, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Roxana and Heidy - two of Amantani’s most recent graduates. Following their Secondary School graduation in December 2015, we have been working with Roxana and Heidy to help them continue with their education, gaining skills and knowledge that will help them contribute to the development of their community. In partnership with the Almeria Solidaria greenhouse and farm project near to Izcuchaca, the young women have just started a month’s work placement. In their first two weeks, they have already started learning about germination, cross-pollination, as well as other aspects of working with a greenhouse. In the weeks to come, they will deepen their understanding of rearing guinea pigs, as well as learning completely new skills including the production of yoghurt and honey. During the week, they stay on site where they are cooking for themselves, and managing their weekly budget using an excel sheet. Over the weekend, they return home where they are able to put their learning in practice.


When I met with Roxana and Heidy during their lunch-break, they were visibly excited at the prospect of learning new techniques which will be of use to them and their families. They were keen to show me their notes and tell me how they now know the secret’s of growing courgettes, a crop which had failed back home due to the lack of cross-pollination. They both said that they would like to stay beyond the initial month, in order to see the full seasonal cycle of caring for the plants and animals. Their manager Baltazaar was delighted with their efforts, stating that he had never worked with such responsible, dedicated and ‘quick-to-learn’ interns!

At Amantani, we are all very excited by this new experience with two bright graduates (who finished in the top 15% of their class) who have not followed what is sometimes seen as the only desirable achievement - going to university. Through our Plan de Vida programme in the Boarding Houses, we encourage young people to make their own decisions about what defines success. When you meet with Roxana and Heidy, who are obviously living out their own version of success, it is incredibly heart-warming and just as exciting as Marleni Quispe’s university studies."

Fred Branson, Co-Founder

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