About Us

Amantani's mission is to help the indigenous children of Peru keep their smiles. We help children from marginalised Quechua families to access education, stimulating social development for Peru’s most disadvantaged communities. 

Since 2008, we have been working to bridge the gap between home and school for children living in Ccorca; a Quechua district nestled high in the Andes of Southern Peru. Access to education in rural areas of Peru is notoriously problematic and Ccorca is no exception. Children from as young as 7 have to walk for up to 8 hours each day to get to and from school. Inevitably, they arrive too tired to concentrate and many give up on their education altogether.

Our Educational Boarding Houses give the most disadvantaged children in Ccorca a place to stay near to school. Instead of walking for up to 4 hours each morning and afternoon, this time is spent on academic support classes, extra-curricular activities, personal development workshops and community outreach projects. Our intercultural philosophy promotes social inclusion, helping children gain skills to negotiate Peru’s modern society, whilst encouraging indigenous autonomy and cultural pride. 

This approach has been recognised worldwide. As well as being named the Latin American Human Rights Organisation of the Year (2013), we were asked to present Amantani at TEDx Oxford (2015) and the International Social Enterprise Forum organised by the World Bank and the British Council (2014).